Modular Inplant Warehouse Offices

Customers can make the most of valuable warehouse space with modular in-plant office structures from Ebtech. We offer a full line of prefabricated turnkey solutions for efficient use of any industrial spaces. Our modular offices can be erected much faster than standard construction, without lengthy cleanups, at a fraction of the cost. They are also easy to relocate and expand when necessary. Ebtech in-plant structures conform to all building codes. We offer a wide variety of options to customize offices, including:

  • Offices built on Mezzanines
  • Two Story Offices
  • Roll-up Doors, single Doors, double Doors, swing Doors, sliding Doors
  • Panoramic Windows
  • Custom interior and exterior Panel Options
  • Stairways and Landings
  • Flooring, Lighting and Partitioning/Storage Options
  • Climate- and sound-controlled Enclosures

Warehouse Office Applications include:

  • Computer Room
  • Observation Office
  • Cafeteria/Break Room
  • Rest Rooms
  • Work Station
  • Assembly Area
  • Packing and Shipping Office
  • Quality Control Office
  • Clean Room
  • Darkroom
  • Machinery and Process Containment
  • Temporary Office Space
  • Conference Room
  • Training Room
  • Waiting Room/Reception Area
  • Parts Inventory Storage Area