Ebtech guard buildings and shelters

Modular Pre-Assembled Guard Buildings

Ebtech Industrial provides a full line of pre-assembled guard booths, shelters, houses, shacks, towers, gate houses, security booths and structures for a wide range of applications and customers including government, military, nuclear power plants, airports, oil and gas, automotive and other industrial markets.

Ebtech’s modular exterior shelters and guard shacks come fully assembled and equipped, ready to be installed on a supplied pad. Most orders ship within 4 to 6 weeks. They are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions. All our shelters and guard shacks are steel-coated with a rust-inhibitive epoxy primer and an acrylic modified alkyd topcoat.

Guard booths can be easily moved and relocated by forklift, or can be trailer mounted or tower mounted and self sustained. Standard sizes as well as custom configurations are available.

Ballistic and blast protection for guard buildings is available (UL, NIJ, GSA,including PBIED, VBIED, mortar and rocket threat mitigation). This is done by integrating Mil-Tough® blast and ballistic panels, all-welded ballistic steel construction or other lightweight ballistic materials into the guard building.

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