Ebtech SCIF

Modular SCIFs – Container SCIFs – Panelized SCIFs

A SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) is a U.S. Government accredited facility, an enclosed area within a building, a modular building or a modified container building that is used to discuss, process and store sensitive classified information.

SCI is classified information concerning or derived from intelligence sources, methods, or analytical processes, which is required to be handled within formal access control systems established by the Director of Central Intelligence. Sometimes entire buildings are SCIFs. Access to SCIFs is limited, and all of the activity and conversation inside is presumed restricted from public disclosure.

Primary customers for SCIFs are government, government contractors and other entities that require high security. Ebtech SCIFs fulfill acoustic, visual, access control, electronic and TEMPEST requirements and are constructed according to the needs of the user and certification agencies.

Ebtech Industrial SCIF projects fulfill the requirement of:

  • ICD 705
  • IC Tech Spec-for ICD/ICS 705
  • UL 2050
  • TEMPEST (when required)
  • NSA Specifications 65-6 and 73-2a
  • NACSIM 5230
  • STC 50, Sound Group 4
  • Various other Government Agency Directives and Specifications

Ebtech’s SAPF (Special Access Program Facilities) fulfill the requirements of:

  • JAFAN 6/9
  • UL 2050
  • TEMPEST (when required)
  • STC 45 Sound Group 3, for perimeter Walls, true Ceilings and Door Assemblies
  • Security Hardware per Government Specifications FFL-2740A
  • Various other Government Agency Directives and Specifications

Standard sizes as well as custom configurations are available.
Ballistic and blast protection (UL, NIJ, GSA) including PBIED, VBIED, mortar and rocket threat mitigation by integrating Mil-Tough® blast and ballistic panels or all welded ballistic steel construction or other lightweight ballistic materials are also available.

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