The Ebtech Advantage


Ebtech is the Only Company in the World that Provides it All:

  • Broad Material Selection:Ebtech’s material selections are based on profound knowledge of combining standard, high-tech and proprietary composite materials, thus designing wall systems that fulfill specific customer requirements and address challenging applications that can protect from heat, fire, explosion, sound, vibration, wind, earthquakes, RFI, EMI, HEMP, blasts, fragments, ballistics, corrosion and wear.
  • Manufacturing of Structures for extremely diverse Applications: Ebtech manufactures structures from standard in-plant offices and mezzanines to cleanrooms, walk-in freezers, specialized containers, Ebola treatment facilities, as well as military applications like SCIFs and blast, ballistic, RFI, EMI, or HEMP protected buildings.
  • Designing and Engineering of Solutions for highly complex Requirements: Ebtech is not only a manufacturer of diversified structures, it also designs and engineers solutions for the most multifaceted requirements. Examples include cleanrooms with hundreds of doors for an automotive application, buildings providing protection for people and equipment in the military or in the oil and gas industry, or portable, modular structures that satisfy the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Guide 1.76 regulations for Region I.
  • Global Installation: Ebtech buildings are installed in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Over 20 Years of Global Experience Means Expert Level Design

Ebtech has been designing, manufacturing, installing and assembling specialized modular building systems for over 20 years. Our proven experience in delivering innovative, industry-leading solutions for the toughest challenges makes Ebtech the leader in customized building structures for any application.

Faster Build Time Means Less Down Time

In this extremely competitive world, businesses can’t afford to lose days of productivity due to prolonged construction time. Modular structures from Ebtech will get people back to work fast. In most cases, a modular office can be fully assembled and operational in just a few days compared to conventional construction. Also, modular assembly reduces construction mess.

Built to Customer Specifications Means Designed for Customer Specific Needs

Two building needs are rarely exactly alike. At Ebtech, we design standardized components that operate together in highly customized configurations. Unlike our competitors, we offer material and product selections for extremely diverse applications, from standard in-plant offices to cleanrooms, to blast and ballistic protected structures; moreover, we offer solutions to intricate and complex building issues. Our design specialists work with customers to meet their needs and help them get exactly the structure they require. Every Ebtech modular structure is designed to the industry’s most exacting standards, expertly engineered and fabricated, carefully packaged and shipped direct, most times in less than 3 weeks.

Dedicated Support Means Faster Response Time

Ebtech’s dedicated and experienced support staff is here for customers to keep a project on track and on time. We will do everything possible to provide customers with whatever they need, whenever they need it. Ebtech’s national and international dealer and representative network is tied into our support system to help with a same day quote, design questions or CAD-based design assistance, as well as sourcing or installation help domestically or abroad. Ebtech has installed buildings in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

1 Year Warranty Means Guaranteed Quality

Every Ebtech standard modular structure is shipped with our 1 year warranty that guarantees the building will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year.