Ebtech Server Rooms and Data Centers


Ebtech has installed Server Rooms and multi-story Data Centers for industrial Customers and the Government world-wide.

Data centers usually include server rooms, as well as rooms for output management (printers), rooms for networking (communications devices, transmitters, monitors, both robotic and human), rooms for power management, rooms for programmers (some for systems programmers and some for applications programmers), rooms for data storage such as backup disks and the like, rooms for power management etc.  Most of these facilities require extensive control over their environment, such as temperature, humidity, or pollutant levels, and have to be secure.  Some data centers need additional protection from RFI/EMI or from blast and ballistic threats.

Ebtech uses floating floors for construction of server rooms and data centers to enable housing of pipes and other machinery for the crucial heat management.

Ebtech’s modular buildings offer effective solutions that can be customized for any requirement.

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