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Ebtech Blast Mitigation Testing

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Ebtech Blast & Ballistic Overview

An Ebtech structure is designed to provide maximum available protection against Blast, High Speed Fragment and Ballistic threats.

Blast Design

Ebtech’s blast design solutions are provided for terrorist attacks with conventional high yield explosives with high pressure loads on buildings as well as for accidental explosions in petrochemical and industrial environments with low to moderate pressure loads, but relatively long durations.

Blast protection of an expeditionary or permanent building, shelter, container, control or operation facility or retrofit of an existing building is achieved by using proprietary and unique energy absorbing wall and frame systems, steel structures, composite materials or fortifying existing facility structures with custom designed support systems.

Full scale explosive tests have been performed by official US Government entities.

Blast Protection against Terrorist Attacks

Blast protection against terrorist attacks is provided against Person Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (PBIED), like letter or package bombs, explosive vests, bags or suitcases and Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (PBIED) like car and truck bombs.

Overhead protection against rockets, artillery and mortars can be incorporated into the building design or provided by installing a superstructure over an existing facility. Additional standoff panel screens, designed to protect against RPGs, can be installed.

Blast Protection against Accidental Petrochemical Explosions

Accidental petrochemical explosions include explosions of compounds and gases, as well as deflagration and fragmentation threats. Ebtech designs, manufactures and installs or retrofits control, operations and administration facilities and provides standard containerized solutions that include protection for:

• 5 psi @ 500 psi-msec Free Field Blast Pressure

• 8 psi @ 200 psi-msec Free Field Blast Pressure

• 10 psi @ 125 psi-msec Free Field Blast Pressure

• ASCE Medium Response

Blast Protection against Accidental Industrial Explosions

Ebtech provides protection against industrial hazards and explosions. Examples include product test labs checking valves or circuit breakers under high pressure, medical and chemical facilities storing larger amounts of gases in vessels or bottles, or temporary aviation fuel systems.

High Speed Fragment Protection

Ebtech analyzes the treat of high speed fragments, stemming from accidental explosions or terrorist attacks, for each project. If the high speed fragment protection requirements cannot be achieved through the inherent blast protection materials additional protection systems can be incorporated through ballistic materials, standoff barriers or other protection solutions.

Ballistic Protection

Ebtech facilities can be protected against small and medium caliber projectiles from handguns to assault and sniper rifles, and heavy machine guns including armor piercing ammunition.

Armored steel, proprietary wall systems and composite materials are used to optimize protection. Expeditionary building solutions can incorporate lightweight ballistic protection systems.

All ballistic materials are certified by third party laboratories towards NIJ, UL 752 and STANAG standards.