Ebtech Blast and Ballistic Protection

Ebtech’s Capabilities for Protection from Insurgent Attack, Shelter-in-Place, Safe Haven Design and Mitigation of Industrial Hazards

Ebtech has extensive experience providing anti-terrorism and force protection services and providing solutions against accidental explosions for petrochemical and industrial customers.  We are able to find options by retrofitting existing facilities or by designing completely new structures. We work closely with blast and ballistics engineers to assess hazards and generate designs for diverse industries. Thereafter we manufacture and install customized solutions based on clients’ specifications that might include hazards such as forced entry, fire, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.


  • Protection from Insurgent Attack
    Ebtech can support clients who work in remote or politically unstable regions by providing structures that mitigate threats to facilities and staff by defining the threat, analyzing the best methods to mitigate or neutralize that threat and then working with the client to provide a solution that specifically meets their needs.
    Ebtech designs, manufactures and installs structures that protect from diverse threats (UL, NIJ, GSA, STANAG) including blasts, PBIED, VBIED and RAMs (rockets, artillery and mortars) and small arms fire by integrating second generation Mil-Tough® blast and ballistic panels, armor and ballistic steel, bullet resistant fiberglass panels (e-glass) or other blast and ballistic resistant lightweight materials. Hardened Ebtech structures can be found in several hostile areas overseas.
  • Shelter-in-Place & Safe Haven Protective Design
    Ebtech designs, manufactures and installs “safe haven” performance level protection for new and existing facilities in the industrial and petrochemical industries.
    Our buildings and retrofits also provide “shelter-in-place” protection for facility staff and assure structural integrity of the building in order to protect critical equipment and operations.
  • Mitigation of Industrial Hazards such as Accidental Vessel Rupture, Pressure Release,
    Shrapnel and Debris

    Ebtech provides support to industrial clients to mitigate the hazards associated with leaks or ruptures of vessels and equipment either while in service or during testing. Test cell structures can be designed with observation ports (windows), doors, and removable panels to create fit-for-purpose modular testing facilities. We have experience providing support to industrial clients in the manufacturing, aerospace and energy industries to provide structural buildings and enclosures to protect against explosions resulting in overpressure and shrapnel.