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Modular Cleanrooms – Features & Options

Ebtech manufactures cleanroom components and designs completely outfitted cleanrooms tailored to the needs of the client’s industry. Our experience in building cleanrooms ranges from the smallest enclosures to re-designing entire building interiors as cleanrooms. Cleanrooms are used extensively in almost every industry where small particles may affect the manufacturing process. In addition to particle filtration, cleanrooms can also provide a controlled environment in terms of temperature, humidity levels and air pressure.

Ebtech’s standard Cleanroom Components include:

  • Wall Panels and Finishes to comply with any Standard
  • Ceilings, Windows and Doors designed especially for Cleanroom Use
  • Cleanroom-specific Lighting, Piping, Ductwork, HVAC, and Fan Filtration Units
  • Cleanroom electrical Systems and Controls
  • Safety Equipment (Stairs, Handrails, non-slip Flooring)

Cleanroom Options include:

  • Door Interlocks
  • ULPA Filtration
  • Pass-through Chambers, Airlocks, Air Showers, Gowning Rooms
  • Central Vacuum System
  • Environment Control Option Panels
  • Sprinklers/Smoke Detectors
  • Humidifiers/Dehumidifiers

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