Modular Construction

Modular Construction offers many Advantages over conventional “Stick” Buildings.

  • Construction Cost Savings
  • Accelerated Depreciation creates added Tax Savings
  • Labor Cost Savings
  • Fully engineered Structures designed to fit specific Needs
  • Minimize Downtime, Distractions & costly Cleanup
  • Relocate, reuse or restructure without having to rebuild
  • Modular Construction is stronger and better suited to an industrial Environment
  • Quality is guaranteed

Modular Components Mean Flexibility
Our modular buildings are adaptable, expandable, and reconfigurable. Since our units can be easily and quickly disassembled and reconstructed in many different configurations, they’re simple to move and can be changed to suit very diverse needs.

Modular Construction Means Better Value
When identical building specifications are compared, modular construction generally costs about 40% less than conventional construction.  Additionally customers are saving money on architecture and engineering fees by letting us design a system to their specifications.

Modular Construction Means Added Tax Savings
All Ebtech modular structures are considered to be equipment and depreciate over a period of seven years. Compared to the 39-year depreciation of conventional construction, modular buildings can be written off 5 times faster.

Modular Construction Means Easy Relocation
One of the main advantages of an Ebtech modular structure is its ability to be taken down, moved, and reassembled. Once a conventional structure is taken apart, most of it ends up in the landfill. Modular structures can be easily reconfigured to better suit a company’s changing needs.  Practically all components can be expanded on or re-integrated into a new structure.

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