Ebtech In-Plant Building Installation

Ebtech can provide factory-certified professional installation for all of our in-plant structures. Our contractors are experienced and uniquely qualified to install our products in compliance with all building codes. We have installed in-plant buildings in 50 states, Canada and around the world.

Ebtech’s Installation Features:
  • Clearly labeled Installation Drawings with matching, completely modular labeled Components and corresponding Bills of Materials
  • All bolt-together Construction
  • Columns are completely equipped and ready to have Beams bolted to them
  • Pre-drilled Holes in Column Connection Plates match pre-drilled Holes in Beams for easy Aligning and Installation
  • Unique Connection Angle for Column/Beam Assembly provides speedy Assembly and a safe Work Area. The Angles have Beam Connection Holes to doubly secure the Beam to Column Union.
  • Handrail Sections are completely Factory welded
  • Stair Stringers have the Handrail sections Factory welded in Place

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