Ebtech mezzanine installation

Mezzanines: Shipping & Installation

Ebtech Industrial has eliminated the frustrating, lengthy assembly time and component confusion that usually accompanies mezzanine installation with our UPFAST™ matched component system.
Ebtech offers shipping services and can provide factory-certified professional installation for all of our mezzanines.  Our contractors are experienced and uniquely qualified to install our products in compliance with all building codes.  Ebtech mezzanines have been installed all over the world.
Ebtech’s installation services ensure a quick and economical install, regardless of the size and scope of the project.

Ebtech’s Installation Features include:

  • Clearly labeled Installation Drawings and corresponding Bills of Materials
  • Components are labeled to match Drawing Labels
  • Completely modular Components
  • All bolt-together Construction
  • Columns are completely equipped and ready to have Beams bolted to them
  • Pre-drilled Holes in Column Connection Plates match pre-drilled Holes in Beams for easy Aligning and Installation
  • Unique Connection Angle for Column/Beam Assembly provides speedy Assembly and a safe Work Area. The Angles have Beam Connection Holes to doubly secure the Beam to Column Union.
  • Handrail Sections are completely Factory welded
  • Stair Stringers have the Handrail sections Factory welded in Place

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