Ebtech cleanrooms

Modular Cleanrooms

Ebtech’s Modular Cleanroom Systems create perfect controlled environments for automotive, microelectronics, manufacturing, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, aerospace and food processing industries. Ebtech engineers design cleanrooms for all types of conditions, including but not limited to: recirculating or once-through airflow, positive and/or negative air pressure, vertical or horizontal unidirectional airflow and humidity/temperature control.

Ebtech uses movable, expandable and relocatable wall panels that provide maximum flexibility and fast installation. Panels come in a variety of colors, surfaces and cores, all designed to meet building codes and federal standards. The Ebtech wall system uses extruded aluminum framing painted with polyurethane enamel to a glossy finish. These provide an air-tight seal for a dust-free environment.

Ebtech cleanrooms feature flexible design and exceptionally high-quality components. Our modular construction means fast completion time for any project, and is extremely cost effective.