military modular buildings

Military, DOS, DOE, Government Modular Buildings

Ebtech Industrial has provided the Department of Defense (DOD), Homeland Security, Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Justice,  Department of Transportation (DOT) and other government entities with specialized facilities in the U.S. and overseas, including in hostile areas.  Ebtech uses In-Plant, containerized, or steel structure buildings, incorporating lightweight, composite and proprietary materials.
Ebtech offers a wide variety of specialized government and military modular solutions, including:

  • Personnel and Asset Protection Systems
  • Blast and Ballistic rated Guard Shacks (BBRE)
  • Blast and Ballistic Systems for New Buildings and Retrofits
  • Protection against PBIED, VBIED, RAMs and RPGs
  • Protection against Small Caliber Projectiles including Heavy Machine Gun 14.5mm AP
  • Sound, RFI, EMI, and HEMP Protection
  • Bunkers and Vaults (above ground or underground)
  • M.O.U.T. villages
  • RDS™ (Rapid Deployment System) Buildings
  • SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) Buidlings