Modular Guard Buildings – Blast & Ballistic Rated Enclosures (BBRE)

Ebtech Industrial is a global leader in Blast and Ballistic Rated Enclosures protecting personnel and assets from terrorist attacks. Ballistic and blast protection (UL, NIJ, STANAG, UFC’s, GSA) including PBIED, VBIED, mortar and rocket threat mitigation, is available in guard buildings and Overwatch Positions from Ebtech. Mil-Tough® blast and ballistic panels or other lightweight ballistic materials are integrated into the structure. Guard buildings are also available as an all-welded ballistic steel construction.

Ballistic Protection: Small and medium Caliber Projectiles ranging from Handguns, Assault and Sniper Rifles to heavy Machine Guns including Armor piercing Ammunition.
• UL 752  Level 1 to Level 10
• NIJ Level I to Level IV

Threat Level Mitigation:

• Blast (UFCs, GSA high, medium and low), PBIED, VBIED.
• Mortar and Rocket protected Roof System
• RPG pre-detonation Screen

Material Selection

Based on Threat Level Definition all welded ballistic Steel Construction (Mil-A-46100 or AR500), lightweight ballistic Materials (e-glass, Kevlar, Dyneema) or Mil-Tough® blast and ballistic Panels will be integrated into the Structures.

Windows and Doors: According to Threat Level – Windows (fixed or sliding) / Doors (hinged or sliding)

HVAC: Shrouded if necessary according to Threat Level Definition

Optional Equipment:

  • Tower mounted
  • Trailer mounted
  • Gun Ports
  • Bullet-resistant Transaction Drawers
  • Package Receivers
  • Generators
  • Other Mitigation including extreme Fire Proofing, RFI, EMI, HEMP