Ebtech Modular SCIF Features and Options

Ebtech Industrial SCIFs are custom designed in our controlled plant environment and delivered ready to use after connecting power and communications to the pre-wired ports.


  • Modular design allows for rapid deployment and relocation, thus making it a cost effective solution for multiple missions
  • Ebtech SCIFs are fully designed turn-key units, including electrical, lighting, HVAC, pre-wiring for communication and data centers and an intrusion detection system
  • Ebtech SCIFs meet ICD 705 and JAFAN 6/9 requirements for all environments
  • Ebtech SCIFs meet or exceed government standards for sound requirements and RF attenuation
  • SCIFs can be based on ISO container modification or can be constructed as a custom sized steel container
  • ISO SCIF containers are available in 20’ and 40’ lengths. These units are easily shipped via truck, air in a C-130 Hercules, C-17 Globemaster or C-5 Galaxy, or shipped overseas via commercial container vessel
  • SCIFs can be designed as a modular in-plant construction with SCIF panels running in specialized tracks, SCIF doors and windows.  This structure allows building of multi-story facilities, fulfilling ICD 705


  • Armored SCIFs can be provided incorporating Ebtech’s extensive experience with blast, ballistic and RAM building protection systems
  • SCIFs can include a generator, UPS, server racks, and office installations
  • Assistance with accreditation package submission (Facility Checklist and TEMPEST addendum) can be provided
  • Field sound tests (noise reduction tests) on Ebtech SCIF enclosures can be performed in accordance with ASTM E 336. STC results or Noise Isolation Class (NIC) ratings can be conducted in accordance with ASTM E 413.
  • RF attenuation test results can be provided