Ebtech’s Modular Structures Contribute to a Green Future

In a world where space and material resources are precious commodities, Ebtech is committed to reusable, recyclable technologies. Our modular building systems are “greener” in many ways than traditional building methods. The whole nature of modularity allows for greater materials recycling, reuse and repurposing with less waste.

Ebtech is a Certified Green Professional™ company. The CGP designation recognizes builders and other industry professionals who incorporate green building principles into their structures – without driving up the cost of construction.

Ebtech modular structures help to lower your carbon footprint in many ways:

  • Faster build times mean less use of power, water and electricity.
  • Ebtech mezzanines and in-plant offices make use of existing space, which reduces the need for physical expansion and resource allocation.
  • Ebtech’s container modification recycles shipping containers for use in a wide range of applications including housing, offices, military deployable units, blast & EMI/RFI shielded buildings and communications centers.
  • Our modular structures are designed to be relocated, reconfigured and repurposed with a project’s changing needs.
  • Factory-assembled, offsite construction allows for greater control of waste as well as more efficient recycling of materials.
  • Panel-built construction reuses and recycles traditional waste products like steel, wood, aluminum and paper.