Modular In-Plant Building Work Sheet & Quote Request

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[contact-field label="# of Doors (3070 Single)" type="text" /] [contact-field label="# of Doors (6070 Double Doors)" type="text" /] [contact-field label="# of Windows (4'wide x 3'high; fixed)" type="text" /] [contact-field label="# of Windows (other size)" type="text" /] [contact-field label="Type Roof Deck (check one)" type="radio"  options="Non-load bearing, Load bearing" /] [contact-field label="Design Load (psf)" type="text" /] [contact-field label="Are stamped Engineering Drawings required?" type="radio" options="Yes,No" /] [contact-field label="# of  Fluorescent Lights" type="text" /] [contact-field label="# of 110v Duplex Receptacles" type="text" /] [contact-field label="Is Heat and Air Conditioning required?" type="radio" options="Yes,No" /]