Ebtech Industrial Modular Building Solutions

Founded in 1995, Connellsville, Pennsylvania, USA-based Ebtech Industrial is a global supplier of modular building solutions.

Applications range from multi-story hardened structures to SCIFs, in-plant offices, mezzanine structures, data rooms, RF/EMI shielded rooms, guard buildings, entry control points, Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMBs), tension fabric structures, tents, walk-in coolers, clean rooms and ISO containers, or large containers manufactured from the ground up.

Modular building solutions include the design, manufacture, and installation of rapid deployment, customizable systems. New, temporary and existing structures can be protected from heat, fire, explosion, sound, vibration, wind, earthquakes, RFI, EMI, HEMP, blasts, fragments, ballistics, corrosion and wear.

Customers include all major industries (Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Mining, Warehousing) as well as Government including DoD (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Space Force, and Agencies), DHS, DOE, DOJ, and other government institutions.

Ebtech Industrial is the only supplier of in-house designed and manufactured panelized and containerized modular buildings, as well as their structural components. We offer cost-effective, cutting-edge turn-key solutions including installation.

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Ebtech SCIF

in-plant offices and high wall systems mezzanines and superstructures cleanrooms and other controlled environments blast and ballistic protection Ebtech Container Structures guard shacks and shelters